B’dai Booty Blast
 are you ready to get the B’dai Booty you’ve been dreaming of? 
I Created This Workout Program Just For You!

Are you ready to CHALLENGE yourself to get the B’dai Booty of your dreams?! I designed this program specifically to target your glutes! Join me for fun-filled workouts, of course a personalized dance routine from me and most importantly a B’dai BOOTY!

Dance is something that empowers Bianca Shadai.

As someone who grew their confidence through the power of dance, Bianca creates a safe space for those who want to do the same. From her days as a backup dancer for celebrities to her dance major in school, Bianca brought dance into her adult life and hasn’t stopped celebrating herself since. This course was curated to grow your confidence and your B’dai Booty, all in one!


The B’dai Booty Blast is a program that was designed specifically to target your booty! All of the exercises and dances will be glute-focused, but your entire lower body should feel the burn! Your lower body is about to be soooo toned, and your B’dai Booty is going to be amazing!
The program is designed to guide you into doing proper booty workouts, while still using dance to tone that B’dai Booty. It can be used with your current workout routine or used alone! I recommend being active at least 5 days per week!

B’dai Booty is an overload style glute training program! It will help you gain strength and muscle. I designed this program to be fun and enjoyable! I want you to look forward to working out, like I always say, let’s trick your body into working out with dance!

What You’ll LEARN:

  • Warm ups, cool downs + stretches 
  • Booty Workouts
  • Dance techniques that target your glutes and tone your whole body!

What You’ll GET:

  • Booty focused workouts, cool downs and warm ups!
  • A step-by-step personalized dance routine designed by B’dai!
  • Booty-focused Party Menu to keep you on track, even after you leave the program!

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